EyecareLive provides free phone and tablet apps for patients to use from anywhere - home, office or while traveling. The app allows patients to:

  • Schedule new or follow-up appointments with their doctor
  • Upload photos and videos of their eye conditions in real time
  • Take eye tests such as Acuity, Dry Eye SPEED, Amsler and Halo tests
  • Securely communicate with doctors through video or messaging
  • Receive notifications when doctors update their treatment plans
  • Receive medication reminders

How it works

EyecareLive is a HIPAA compliant, cloud-based telemedicine platform built to provide an ethically responsible environment for doctors to communicate with their patients in order to enhance care. EyecareLive is an eye-care-specific network designed by practicing ophthalmologists and optometrists. As providers, we understand that there is no replacement for in-office care; instead, EyecareLive is a supplementary addition to existing care options.  EyecareLive is a tool that allows doctors to create a hybrid clinic (part physical and part virtual) to strengthen patient care. The platform is equipped with unique features designed to improve communication such as patient image/video uploads, video chat and direct messaging. EyecareLive improves compliance with treatment through built-in testing and advanced analytical surveys. This allows practitioners to track changes in conditions and change treatment courses, even at a distance. The platform can improve outcomes, strengthen doctor-to-patient relationships and maintain a continuity of care while extending the services provided beyond clinic walls.

For additional information on this app, please click on the link below to visit the EyecareLive website.

General Eye Care

EyecareLive utilizes the high-resolution cameras on today's tablets and phones to provide doctors with the tools needed to accurately triage patients at a distance, determining if the condition needs physical evaluation. Patients are able to schedule appointments as well as follow-up appointments through the app. They also have the option to have the appointment through the app.

Contact Lens Care

EyecareLive maintains a quality of care for contact lens users. An evaluation survey is provided using common metrics to track and evaluate the success of the patient's contact wear. Doctors are able to easily view the fit as well as any potential health compromises through high-definition imaging and video software.

Dry Eye Care

Using this software, patients with dry eyes can track tests and symptoms which allows for optimum adjustments to treatment plans. This long-term collection of data is graphed in a simple format. It can be used to track the effect of treatments as well as be used in clinical trial data collection. EyecareLive will allow the evaluation of patients using the Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness (SPEED™) test. The app also provides reminders for improved compliance and continuous care.

Post-Op Follow-Up Care

EyecareLive can help doctors perform follow-up visits with their patients after surgical or medical procedures. Such procedures consist of refractive surgeries like Lasik or anterior segment surgeries. A required questionnaire as well as various tests on this module will help doctors identify situations where patients need to be seen in-person at the doctor's office. In-app reminders are sent to patients so they never miss a follow-up appointment or a dose of medication.

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