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AOS Anterior is an ocular surface and image enhancement software that uses AI (Automated Intelligence) to analyze any digital image from any device; including a smartphone. AOS Anterior automatically grades to gold standards by counting, enhancing, measuring and visualizing conditions over a selected area or over built-in grids. The results are objective, repeatable and accurate to aid the clinician in diagnosing the eye. Additional features include digital wratten filters, rulers, vessel enhancements and 3D renderings. Each of these features allow clinicians to evaluate a wide variety of conditions very easily. AOS Anterior also allows the clinician to effortlessly record the results which can be saved and used during follow-ups.

AOS Anterior has the following approvals: CE, FDA, TGA and ANVISA.

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Bulbar Redness

This mode allows clinicians to select areas over the conjunctival/bulbar region and automatically grade the level of redness to the gold standard scale of 0-4. This mode also quantifies the number of extracted vessels. Validated to both CCLRU and Efron, the accurate results are presented into four modalities depending on the user’s preferences:

  • Area
  • Grid Redness
  • Redness Map
  • Comparison

Lid Redness

Using the 0-4 scale, this tool detects palpebral conjunctival redness. It displays results in the industry standard five zone grid (central, upper, lower, left, right). With an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, drawing an area is identical in each mode: simply select the area icon and carefully draw around the lid area (or any specific area depending on the mode) to be analyzed. Then click the "detect palpebral conjunctival redness" icon to have the results displayed within the drawn area and on the control panel.

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Fluorescein mode examines images of the cornea and conjunctiva to detect and quantify staining, punctates, conjunctival folding and fluorescein build-up in contact lens fitting. The user can draw an area of interest or use the five zone corneal grid to assess the number of punctates. Clinicians can choose between 2D or 3D heat mapping in order to evaluate the build-up of fluorescein or the presence of conjunctival folding.

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Vessel Enhancement

Vessel enhancement, a single-click feature of AOS Anterior, visually enhances an entire image by automatically removing the digital noise from the original. This feature instantly amplifies the vascular structure on both anterior and posterior imaging.

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Digital Ruler

The digital ruler feature is available in any mode and allows the user to measure areas of interest accurately with a predetermined baseline measurement. Once the baseline is set and the unit measurement is selected, multiple points can be evaluated; including mm2.

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Digital Wratten Filter

The digital wratten filter is another single-click option that instantaneously enhances the entire image by removing all digital noise, giving clearer images to aid in diagnosis. This mode also enhances images taken with a standard wratten filter.

For additional information on this grading system, please click on the link below to visit the AOS website.

AOS Anterior is an important tool in the assessment of ocular conditions. It eliminates inter-clinician variability through repeatable and accurate results. With a higher level of accuracy than today's gold standard, the software eliminates error. The automated intelligence analyzes any digital image and provides a consistent, objective grading. Current grading systems (CCLRU/Efron) are effected by the clinician's subjectivity and experience.

AOS Anterior is an agnostic device that allows the import and export of images/reports from any medical device or database. The user interface (UI) has general features for use on any image, with three specialist modes for use on various types of anterior segment imaging. The platform is validated to the gold standard and can be used anywhere: from live practice sessions to clinical research. It is also being used as an educational tool for both patients and students. A customizable built-in PDF generator allows the user to add new or edit patient reports as well as add details and comments from the evaluation.

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